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Your Intuition at Your Fingertips

Pregnancy is a multi dimensional experience. Our bodies, emotions, spirit, senses and mind all go through extraordinary transformation. The deck is a fun tool that helps you tap into the interplay between worlds. Your world and your babies. The Pregnancy Deck offers support through the following categories: the elements, the five senses, five core emotions, five meditations, gender, nine months and nine accompanying affirmations. The cards can be used collectively in traditional oracle spreads and or individually. There are numerous ways to enjoy The Pregnancy Deck! Open a box to start today.

What is an Oracle Deck?

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Who is this for?

Yes! I need this oracle deck!

Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve really enjoyed using the Pregnancy Deck in my morning ritual. The meditations, affirmations, and messages from the cards allow me to connect to spirit as well as the spirit of my baby. I often ask him what message he has for me before drawing a card and this has helped me feel more prepared for his arrival and the great transformation into motherhood. I recommend the deck for any pregnant mamas who would like to remember the spiritual journey of pregnancy and birth. Thank you!


If you love reflecting and asking meaningful questions this deck is for you!


"I've been meaning to reach out. Thank you so much for The Pregnancy Deck. I have them on my nightstand. They're great to read and they totally relax my mind - which I need! I am a bit nervous..."


Leah has done a great job of curating all of the ingredients that are present during pregnancy and putting them at our fingertips in the deck.


I enjoyed practicing the meditations and affirmations as part of my "me" time during my pregnancy.