An Oracle Deck can be a fun tool for clarification and insight. 


How to use The Pregnancy Deck


Collectively the cards may be shuffled and interchanged. You may pull one card or many. The cards are intended  to mirror you. Whatever your present moment experience is the cards will reflect that. Spend a moment in silence with your breath before you ask a question that the deck may help you with. This pause will give you an opportunity to connect with your higher self. Overall, trust your intuition and trust that the cards are an extension of your intuition. 

When you pull a card, give yourself a moment to examine it. Then open the guide book for more corresponding information on the card.  


Each card category has its own significance, but the categories are interrelated. As such, it means you may mix an Element with a Meditation or an Emotion with an Intention. The cards are a representation of our physical, emotional and spiritual experiences, similar to how you are interwoven with your baby. You and your baby are individuals united together by a divine force. 


Reversed Cards 


When a card you pull is reversed - meaning, flipped upside down -- it is not a bad thing: It is simply speaking to our shadow side. We all encompass both light and dark aspects within us. Reversed card(s) illuminate that which may require attention for the darkness to shift.  Don’t forget you also have the choice of not following the reverse and simply use the upright position. Again!
The deck is yours, enjoy it and your pregnancy


Sample Spreads




Affirmations are powerful tools when we internalize the message and take the meaning into our everyday life. When you read an affirmation to yourself, give yourself time to feel the meaning in your body. 


Each meditation is designed to bring you back to your center. Your center being your intuition. You can read them slowly, listening to the words, allowing them to sooth you. Eventually practice the meditations and use them to help you connect with the deep inner feeling where your baby exists. 

Nine Months

The months are reference points along your journey. They hold meaning in the number and message. Whether you are in that month or not, you can take the numerical meaning into account and allow that message to resonate with you. 

Five elements

The elements are building blocks of our planet. They hold magic in their timelessness. We can use the elements as tangible reminders and a bridge to the spirit world. Your baby is part of this timeless energy as they come forward into existence. Use the elements to toggle between the two. 

Five senses

Our senses are also tangible references that allow us to communicate with the world around us. When pregnant our senses are often heightened, much like a new baby. Use the sense cards as a tangible reference to your own experience. 

Five emotions

Our emotions are an important part of communication with others and ourselves. How we process our emotions on a daily basis can affect how we feel, think and act. If you were to pull an emotion card, for example with a meditation card, the combination might be a clear indicator of how to sit with certain emotions. Use the emotions cards as messages to listen. If the particular card does not sit with you, dig a bit deeper. 

Overall the cards are meant to be interchanged and mixed to create a whole.